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Anonymous asked:

Hello! May I first say, the footage of your Thistlegorm dive was just incredible. It's one I hope to do soon. :) My question is, do you have to have any specialty qualifications to do it? I'm an Open water diver, with 22 logged dives, but am unaware as to if you have to have anything more than that. Thankyou! (:

I was an open water diver when I dived it  and had no problems.

Happy bubbles!!

Scuba diving at SS Thistlegorm wreck - Red Sea - with GO PRO HD HERO

Date of dive: 27-10-2011
Max Depth: 28m
Dive Time: 42 min
Filmed with a Go Pro HD Hero with no support light. The current was very strong and the visibility was very poor.
Sadly the camera went nuts at some point and I got lots of red footage, that’s why the machinegun and the anti-aircraft gun are not present in this video.
One of the best dives I’ve ever done.
Music by: Brian Tyler.

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